Does this also cure people with congestion problems?


Posted by Tae-Seung kIm on May 24, 192005 at 22:01:18:

Hello. Does this mean that this device can even cure people with congestion problems and other nose breathing related illnesses. The acupunturist said that I have a swollen inside my nose and that I need to avoid certain food. I keep spitting out yellowish clumped particles and hard time breathing through my nose. But interestingly when I get the needle acupuncture, I seem to breathe well but after that I run into congestion problems again. I want to ask you this. Will this be able to cure my congestion problems fast since I be sleeping with it?

Please answer my questions in details because I have tried to committ a suicide because of my illnesses.

ANSWER: I might help you breath better if you wear the rings.