Report of Noticeable Effects


Posted by Steve on September 24, 192005 at 17:53:54:

I bought a pair of the foot braces, a pair of Neodymium rings, and a negative ion generator about a week ago and they arrived yesterday. I put the rings and foot braces on properly and went to sleep around 10 PM, which is when I normally go to sleep. Normally I wake up around 5:30 - 6:00 AM (whatever I set my alarm for), but today I woke up only a little after 3:00 and felt fully rested. I forced myself to sleep until 6:00, but I could have got up then, a little after 3:00. Not only did I need less sleep, a felt like I had more energy than usual.

As a side note, I got a bad scrape the day before the rings came, when I had run but then slipped. My thigh scraped across the ground and left a large red, scraped up area. Well, I took a picture of this on the day I received the rings. It's only been one day, and already it seems to be healing much faster than it did the previous day when it was healing naturally. My plan is to not use any kind of bandage or anything else besides the rings and footbraces and continue taking pictures to show how these things increase the body's healing power dramatically. Finally, Alex can have a set of before and after pictures!