Ring conflict with implants


Posted by William Elliott on December 11, 192005 at 06:23:19:

Sir, I recently purchased rings and toe braces for my wife and myself. My wife had back surgery several years ago and had a neural implant put in her back about 4 years ago. Ever since she started wearing the rings, she has had extreme pain in her back. Is there a conflict between the two? I need to know so she can stop wearing them if that is what is causing the problems. We could use any advice that you can give on this matter. Thany you
ANSWER: No pain no healing. The pain is only an indication that healing has taken place at her injuries. I fell of my bike when I was a teen. And when I first invented the rings, I had severe back pain for almost 3 months. Then the pain went away and never came back. Before wearing the rings, I had back problems due to my old back injury. But after 3 months of pain caused by the rings, back pain went away and never had a single problem since.