Power deminishing after a certain time?


Posted by Adesh R. on March 04, 192006 at 23:36:11:

Hi Alex,

First, I want to thank you for the timely manner in which you had my foot brace and rings sent to me. I am very conscious about my diet and exercise regiment and still after using the foot brace and rings along with the pure Wisconsin ginseng I felt so much better then before. Thank you for what you are doing to get the word out and make people's lives better...may you be blessed with happiness, peace, prosperity, and success in all you do. Here is my question...It seems that after wearing the foot braces for about 2 weeks now that the metal part of it is turning black or is somewhat dirty. I wasn't sure what type of glue to use to hold the middle piece in place so I used scotch tape by the way. Is there a way to clean the foot braces and even the rings? I ask because I am not sure if they are working as well lately and obviously I want them to be working at their fullest power.

Thank you,
Adesh R.
ANSWER: The immortality rings and foot braces can basically stop you from aging. If you want unlimited healing, you must try the gorgeous pill.