Scar disappeared!!!!


Posted by Mary Hanns on March 18, 192006 at 12:12:46:

I fell on cement in December of 05. This accident left a scar under my right eye. As I'm am of African American decent I got a keloid. I came across an ad for the rings in Feb. 06 They finally came (it is 16
Mar and I haven't had them for a week). The scar is greatly diminished. I thought that I would have to live with this ugly scar for the rest of my life. When you keliod the plasctic surgeron wont touch you.
Boy am I greatful (as well as vain). God bless you Alex. I am anxious to see what else I experience from this. I have a friend who brok her neck from a fall as is paralyzed. Do you think this will help her.

ANSWER: It depends on how severely paralysed is your friend.