Gorgeous Pill's unlimited healing ability


Posted by Johnnie Siller on March 30, 192006 at 08:58:31:

How long do you think it will take to heal a broken bone/bones using the rings and gorgeous pill? You said that gorgeous pill can change your facial bones within a few days. How can changing our facial structure make us gorgeous? and will having our facial bones rearranged cause us any pain? Please explain this alex.
ANSWER: Bones are not hard to heal. Bones are just calcium. Its only function is to hold the body together. Organs are the hardest to heal. Usually if you use Gorgeouspil, you will notice healing first in the bones and muscles. Then the increased Chi flow in the body will force the organs to heal up.

If your Chi flow is weak, you don't look pretty. If your facial bone changes shape, it only changes for the better. So you sould look better.