Heart conditions ,Strength and memory

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Posted by Greg Walsh on April 11, 192006 at 18:08:02:

I have a grandmother whom lacks the energy she once had and it hurts me to see her this way.I wanted her to try the rings but i'm afraid for her because she has a heart condition that makes her ticker beat faster than normal.Heart attacks run in our family and I was wondering if your device would be safe for her to wear?I want to help her but i'm not going to give her something that might kill her.

Also I'm curious as to what the rings and footbraces can do for my strength and memory.Will I increase my power slightly by wearing them?I've read somewhere that practicing qi gong and other chi manipulation exercises can do wonders for your strength and well being and was wondering if this was much of the same thing.I love to write in my spare time yet sometimes my brain seems sluggish and unresponsive when it comes to thinking.Would your products help the creative juices in my head start flowing again.I Would greately apreciate your imput Alex.

ANSWER: If you are afraid that foot braces or the stronger rings will increase your grand mother's heart rate, let her use the regular rings first. then upgrade to the stronger rings or foot braces later.