dark circles and naturally crooked nose

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Posted by jan on June 13, 192006 at 20:19:38:

i am 31 and have good health, i have always had dark circles under my eyes and a naturally crooked nose but am too scared to go for cosmetic surgery. I will also need to lose weight and firm up my stomach muscles after my baby is born (which is very soon). What strength rings will i need and how many tablets would you recommend which wont cause too much pain or side effects.
I look forward to your email on above address, thanks.
ANSWER: I would say use neodymium rings and maybe 5 capsules of Gorgeouspil per healing session. If your nose is naturally crooked, it won't hurt. But if your nose was crooked due to injury, it will hurt when the nose bone heals up. But not the type of hurt that's actually uncomfortable. The pain is a comfortable pain. The pain indicates that some healing is being done at your nose.