OCD and anger management/hatred

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Posted by informanet on June 13, 192006 at 20:23:48:

Hi Alex,

I bought a pair of neodymium rings, a pair of footbraces, 1 Gorgeouspil and 1 Chi Flush just yesterday: I'm interested in all the benefits your products may bring to my health, but my main concern is on psychological issues and the underlying energetic aspects thereof: I suffer from OCD -basically obsessive thoughts in my case-, which I've been taught stems from deep anxiety, and I also have a hard time getting rid of huge amounts of suppressed anger: much all those who've observed me so far have said I'm far more angry than I'm aware of (on account of my family history), and last week I undewent a kind of energetic correction therapy session, during which the practitioner didn't manage to release the chi blockages in areas such as my stomach, and in fact my abdominals proved so hard and resistant, which was interpreted as my massive suppressed anger keeping locked up in its storage rooms. So my question is: will these blockages as well as my OCD be cleared by using all of your devices together? What kind of psychological experiences could I typically expect to have during such a purification process?
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