Any improvement on Chi Flush yet?

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Posted by Ben Stirr on September 21, 192007 at 10:29:23:

Alex, you said you have been improving the new Chi Flush. What's the news?

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Recently, I have improved the Chi Flush so much that the healing ends within 10 minutes. Healing used to last up to 1 hour with the older version of Chi Flush. The newer Chi Flush requires shorter healing but each healing is intensified to the extreme. You can feel real healing. Unlike the older version, you feel blood flow but you don't know if there is healing taken place. But with the newer version, there is no doubt that healing is taken place. Healing focuses at injured area and you feel extreme healing all the time. But healing only lasts about 10 minutes. So after 10 minutes, you have to get out of bed and start over like 1 hour later.

Then I realized that I can increase the time of the healing with the newer Chi Flush by taking vitamins. If you want to heal your eyes, take vitamins that are good for the eyes 2 times a day, etc. Without vitamins, healing time would be less than 10 minutes. With vitamins, healing time would extend.

This is really the best Chi Flush that I have ever made. This version is hard to beat. What else can I do to focus more healing on injury? It's already shorter than 10 minutes. You see, the shorter the healing, the more powerful the healing. What else can I do to shorten the healing to less than 5 minutes?

By the way, 5 minutes is too short. Too difficult to control. What if you need to drink some water during the healing or somebody called you on the phone during the healing? I think 10 minutes is perfect.

To extend the healing, just take more vitamins.

What's the difference between old versions and the newest version of Chi Flush?

The older version has close to 1 hour of healing time. But healing is not concentrated. You feel small amount of healing throughout the entire session. This is due to lack of the correct ingredient to maximize healing.

The newer Chi Flush lasts about 10 minutes. But you feel very strong and concentrated, focused healing. There is absolutely no doubt by anyone who uses the new version that healing is going on. The correct ingredient is used and total healing has been achieved. Now the only thing you need to do is to eat enough vitamins to equip your body with sufficient nutrients.