So if you see a hamburger, a certain part of your brain is affected.
Please wait to see the picture move.
certain part of your brain is affected
See the flashing blue dot in this picture? That part is affected. But I heard from scientists that certain part of the brain is used to operate certain things. Why is that? Difficult tasks (heavy duty traffic, Example thinking, writing, speaking, math, etc.) usually requires more conductive parts of the brain to handle signals. Easier tasks (low traffic, Example smiling, crying, etc.) can be handled by the less conductive parts of the brain. The center of the brain is the most conductive part. Brain's outer layer is less conductive. Why? Remember that conductive cells are always in the center of things? Conductive cells are the ones which unite a group of cells into a body. Thats why conductive cells are usually in the middle of other cells.
So since the center of the brain is most conductive. Heavy duty jobs are handled in the center. Thinking, writing, reading, speaking, etc.
Why is thinking, writing, or speaking heavy duty and belong in the center? Well, everyday, every moment you think and speak, right? More energy, higher frequency. Therefore they need to be handled by more conductive brain cells.

Easier jobs are handled at the brain's outer layer. Memories of sound, language, taste, touch, heat, etc. Since you don't need to recall details from your memories every single moment, memories could be handled by less conductive cells. Folks, read on! Its getting more interesting!

Neurons are gates which connect to each other. Each neuron carries a certain kind of information. When you see a hamburger, whole bunch of related neurons connect together forming a "hamburger" neuron group. See picture below.
hamburger neuron group.
If you are only one year old, and this is the first time you have ever seen a burger, your related neurons will gather into a new "hamburger" group. But I bet you are not that young and already know what a burger is.