Now different types of animals started to form.
different types of animal's picture

Now these animals started growing hands or legs. Well, how did the legs form? How come legs grew out? Why are these simple animal so smart that they can even think of growing a leg or two to help them catch their food? The answer is that they did not think of it. The frequencies between their food and their bodies promoted cell growth. Please wait to see the picture move.
Legs started to grow out

It's like a bridge of iron dust between two magnets starting to form. When there are frequencies and magnetic flux, cell growth are promoted since cells are actually tiny magnets. When an animal chase after its prey, there are frequencies between the two. After a long generation, conductive legs and hands started to show up. Hands and legs are really just conductive bridges which bring the frequencies and magnetic flux closer.

Then what about the eye? How did an eye form? Well, some part of your body need light. Light is also a source of food which your body needs. Therefore, the body parts which need light tell your service provider (your brain) to grab some light. Then a conductive bridge of cells will form from the service provider to the nearest outer wall of your body. Light will be obtained.
eyes start forming

And then you may be attracted to certain colors, depending on your body needs. Simple.

You might ask another question. Why an animal like human have balanced left and right sides? If a man has a right eye, he should also have a left eye. A right hand is always partnerred with a left hand. Why is everything, left and right, perfectly balanced? Well, just look at the picture below. Electrical charges of cells must be balanced.
charges must be balanced
Above: picture consists of a body in the middle and two legs on the sides. The body is negative and its two legs are positive.

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