Another model. This time we have one magnet representing an animal's body and two metal bars tied to the magnet by springs. The blue lines represent frequency which attracts the animal to move. Please wait to see the picture move.
two metal bar connected to the magnet in motion
Now what made it walk? If you don't remember, please PRESS HERE to review.

Why do we use magnets and metal bars to represent animals? Well, cells are tiny magnets and do have north and south poles.

If you now know why animals crawl, lets move on. Who designed the digestion system for animals? Where did the stomach come from? Well, folks, as I said, the most conductive cells of your body is the service provider. A conductive material is always very rich in negative charges (-). What is the most negatively charged item in your body? Acid!! So who's the main service provider of your body? Acid. Yes, food goes to acid first. Then food will be transferred to different parts of your body. Food is distributed in sequence from the most negatively charged cells to the most positively charged cells of your body. Which means, food goes to the most negative, then it will be passed on to the next most negative, then be passed on to the next until it reaches the most positively charged cells of your body. Please wait to see the picture move. By the way, blue bars in this picture mean negative charges.

Nagatively charged cells passes food around
You see this animal move its arm to eat? Animals are really just living magnets. Its arms have negatively charged cells. Food is positively charged.

The most negatively charged item is the acid of your stomach. The next most negative is the acid in your intestine. The next most negative stuff is your blood. Then finally, food is distributed to your flesh, which is the most positive.