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Here is a chart that I made based on my personal experience.
Wear Immortality Devices for 1 day equals to 30 days of healing without the devices.  It heals your body faster than you can age.  That's why you stop aging, and in most cases, reverse aging..
Use Immortality Devices and Gorgeouspil for 1 day equals to 3 months of healing with only the devices.  (no joke)  That's why the shape of your bones can change within a few days.
Use the devices, Gorgeouspil, and also Chi Flush for 1 day equals to 5 days of healing with the devices and Gorgeouspil.  And you get to remove all Chi blockades which the Gorgeouspil cannot do.

All pictures on this page are animated GIFs. Please wait to see the pictures move!

The eternal life rings and the eternal life foot braces consists of two parts: a top magnet with north pole and a bottom magnet with south pole. The top & bottom magnets propel the blood circulation by speeding up the magnetic flux of the body.

The magnetic flux propelled by the magnets.

Therefore the whole bodie's magnetic flux strengthens!

Body magnetic flux

Then the cell structure inside our body becomes tighter and denser.
The cells fasten up to each other generating a stronger, healthier cell community. Every single cell in your body is a magnet. If you catch the right Chi route, you can intensify the magnetic flux of the body. Cells then attract to each other tighter, eliminating all diseases and damages. Then your body stays the same for hundreds of years.

Cells becomes denser

The Foot Braces do exactly the same things the Eternal Life Rings do. The only difference is that the foot braces are much stronger than the rings (about 300% stronger).