Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q: What do you mean “believed to stop aging permanently by wearing the Eternal Life Devices? Let’s not waste everyone’s time and get to the bottom line. Does this thing really stop aging? Or is this nothing but bullshit?

Q: Are the rings strong enough to stop me from aging? Or should I also wear your foot braces plus the Neodymium rings?

Q: I thought we are supposed to be granted immortality after we die.  How come Alex Chiu is able to invent the Immortality Device?

Q: Why is it difficult to fall asleep after wearing the rings?

Q: Why do I wear them on the smallest fingers, instead of all the fingers?

Q: Why wear the rings during sleep or at rest, instead of all the time?

Q: How long must I wear your devices until I become truly immortal?

Q: If I am only ten year old and start using your device, which is believed to stop aging, would I stay looking like ten year old forever?!

Q. If I am 50 year old now, by using your device, when can I start looking like a 23 year old?

Q. If I have cancer or HIV (AIDS), will I live longer if I use your device?

Q. What is the difference between the rings and the foot braces?

Q. For centuries, many geniuses tried to live longer or maybe tried to live eternally like god. All failed. Why did you invent it?

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