Subject: Another Order
Date: Friday, March 13, 1998 4:16 AM

Hello again Alex.
If you still have my cc details could i please order another pair of the finger rings. My mother has been using them over the last day and a half and is now wanting me to get her a pair.

I must say just using them the first night I noticed a lot. The following day it was almost like going to work after being on drugs. I bad that much energy. The following night my mother had used them and regreat handing them to her as that morning i was~nt the same energetic person as i was the day before.

Also Alex i never mentioned to you, but i was born with six fingers on each hand. I had them removed when i was a young kid, and am now left with scars on my two little fingers. I look forward to seeing the long term result of the scars in the later time.

Could you confirm with me that the order is ok and that you still have my details. Thanks.

David Watt.

Dear Alex. I am updating you on my contiuned use of your finger rings. I have now used them for (if i can remember =) 5 months i think. maybe even 6. who knows. Anyway, i have always worn them apart from just one week when i got lazy. Before i started using your rings as i told you i got really be acne. So bad i had contiuned to try differnent methods and tablets. Nothing had worked. Since using your rings my face has never been better. My real father who i do not oftern see has always mentioned how good my face looked when i visited him and his family. Its so good to be able to go into the bathroom and poor cold water over my face and acually feel it so smooth over my face. its great.

I might seem to get just one or two acne spots now and then, but they seem to go very quick within a day or two. really amazing. Ive also noticed my hair has grown very fast. and gotten very full (thick) I have always worried about going bald and losing my hair. I kept worrying about it alot, and im only 20 years of age. Im just hoping that the rings will stop just that. Maybe the foot braces would be very good for this, which ive yet to buy from you. I will do so when i save my money.

Alex. I have done my best to tell people about your eternal life device. It has been really hard. I now understand what you must go through with people telling you your nuts. Well thats just what my family and friends tell me. It sure is sad. Well the way i look at it is that when they grow very old they will finally look at me and realise i was right all along. I even tell them that the rings have cleaned up my face, they just think its just my age. However i just KNOW it isnt. The only hard thing about being able to not age, is that everyone around me incl my family and friends are going to age and one day die. and this will be very hard to watch. Im loving your rings very much. I have also found im dreaming a lot to at night. very incredable. Thanks Alex. Your definalty the best. Keep up your hard work!!! David. A friend in New Zealand.