Alex Chiu now pays you thousands of dollars for making your own YouTube videos!

Do you like to upload your own videos to YouTube?  Then you can collect money from Alex Chiu.  Here's how:

It doesn't matter how many videos you make a day.  As long as your video got 250 hits, then Alex Chiu owes you some money.  This means you could collect thousands of dollars from Alex Chiu every month.  The more videos you make, the more money you earn.  But when you make videos, you cannot be sarcastic about Alex Chiu.   You have to be sincere when you recommend people to  Say a few sentence telling people that Alex Chiu sells a very unique product that can stop aging permanently.  Then when your video got 250 hits, just email Alex at with your mailing address or paypal email address.  The subject should be "YouTube Video fee", and remember to email me the link of your YouTube video.  And Alex Chiu will paypal you the money or send you a check.  Yes!  The more videos you make with recommendation of, the more money you will receive!  Don't you like to make at least some money for every video you made?  Now is your chance!  So go ahead and make your video and email Alex Chiu later for cash!

Frequently asked questions:

Anyways, if you have further question, please email me or call me at 415 585 3825.  Thank you.

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