Have you ever heard of the bible codes? Yes, there are codes in the first five books of Torah hidden behind those sacred words written by Moses nearly three thousand years ago. Every famous personality, Kennedy, Washington, Lady Diana, Hitler, Einstein, Jesus, and many others' names are written in Torah! Every personality, every important event were foretold in codes written three thousand years ago! Newton has spent the last half of his life trying to decode the future, but only found aggravation and no result. Thanks to the use of today's high tech super computer, the codes hidden in the bible can be sorted out and be decoded within minutes! To read how I think the bible code is created, click here.

SUPER BIBLE CODE BETA 2 is composed of four parts:

File #1: Finds coded words given any coded text FAST, will find multiple words, and display which ones appear closely together on a grid,has a built in code generation utility to generate your own code from any ASCII file. 

File #2: Torah Code (Koren edition) for use with Super Code Beta 2, includes the first five books of the Bible in Hebrew. 

File #3: New Testament Code (KJV) for use with Super Code Beta 2,in English.  

File #4: Elronet Hebrew Fonts  

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