How to get your ring in 24 hrs.

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Posted by Mr. Mister on February 02, 192003 at 03:38:23:

Heres the deal. Step #1: Post with a semi sceptical but funny angle (like you might not really believe it but your open minded enough to find out!) Include your affilliate code. Step #2: Under a different user name, post that your glad someone finally posted this, and that your the proud owner (or not so proud) of these rings. State that you did a project in school or something of the sort on this site and out of curiosity ordered the rings (state that you didnt really "order" the rings since they were free). Then state that ,whether or not it was a placebo affect (again take a skeptical attitude) it did have an effect(whether positive-felt more energy/or negetive (it made me nauseous enough not to want immortality, negetive seems to work better!?) Step#3: Post in yet another name on the same post thread (Ha Ha Ha Thats Pathetic). Again, taking a negetive or skeptic stand seem to help, both in getting clicks and in keeping hostile responses down to a mininum and keeping your post from being closed/deleted by the moderator. If your overly enthusiastic about it they will think they are just being sold and avoid the click. The above 3 steps will hit 3 types of people. Step 1 will get the affilliate link on the board with the best chance of a click. Step 2 will add some reality or good reputation to your post with someone who actually got their rings and isnt trying to post an affilliate link. Step 3 will get the curious losers who want to see what people are making fun of so they can make fun of it too!(crowd mentality). Post these messages in 5 popular forums and you should have your 80+ clicks in 24 hours. If you have any comments on this post Id love to here from you. email-