Got my rings. Please read before ordering yours

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Posted by Filter on September 05, 192003 at 22:55:48:

Hey. I'm happy to say I got my rings as promised by Alex. I just want to let you guys know the process so you don't start panicing like I did.

When I first placed my order, I was under the impression that the rings would be at my door in 2 weeks. When this didn't happen and I didn't hear a response from Alex, I began to panic. Truth is, after the fact I read on these boards that Alex does not process the affiliate orders until about 4 weeks after placing your order. From there, it's a matter of how long the mail system takes.

Alex is a man of his word and if you order the rings, you will receive them. He works without confirmation so don't worry if you don't hear a thing. Just sit back and wait. Alex will come through as promised.

Using this advice, hopefully you can avoid some stress too. Thank you Alex. Rings are great.