Are you the messiah?

Since Alex Chiu IS NOT the messiah, the messiah could be YOU!

Are you the messiah that the world is expecting?

Do you want to be the messiah? Here is the qualification:

1) You don't necessarily have to have Jewish blood in you, but you must be friendly to the Jews because it is stated in the old testament that the messiah will rise out of the house of David (house of Israel). Many people think that passage means messiah must be a Hebrew.  Not true. You could be white, black or Asian.  But you must be a pro-Jewish. 

2) You must receive the right guidance from a prophet. The Talmud declared that the prophet of the messiah is the one who will bring immortality to mankind.  Without receiving guidance from this prophet, you cannot be the messiah. You cannot give guidance to yourself either. You cannot just find anyone who you think is the prophet and tell him to give you guidance.

3) You cannot die before the entire world is united and harmonized.  If you die before your mission is accomplished, you are definitely not the messiah.

4) You will unite the entire world.  Your empire will never be destroyed. If you cannot do this, you are not the messiah.

How to become the messiah?

Messiah shall be given guidance by the prophet. Then he shall unite the world.   Bringing immortality to mankind is not messiah's job. ( It's my job, and I have already done it. )    The missiah's job is much more difficult than the prophet's job.  The messiah must unite the world and be the most important politician of the world forever.

How do we know who is the real messiah?

1)  He must successfully unify the entire world PEACEFULLY!  If he conquers the world by warfare, he is a fake messiah.  I will not recognize an evil man, and neither will God.

2)  He must help rebuild the temple of Jerusalem.

If he did the above two things, he is no doubt my long awaited messiah.  I will pour oil on his head.  I guess my 2nd biggest mission in life is to pour oil on messiah's head.  (My most important mission is to invent immortality.)

Then he must bring equality and prosperity to everyone in the world.  This mission is definitely the hardest, and only he alone can accomplish this.  But it will be accomplished in the hands of the messiah for God wills it to happen.