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Watch this YouTube video of Alex Chiu explaining his resurrection technology.

Would it be nice if one day your driver's license shows that you choose to be brought back to life if you died?
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Alex Chiu has invented physical immortality.   He also gave people unlimited beauty.  (Gorgeouspil)  Curing handicaps and curing hard to cure diseases are also on the way.  (Chi Flush)  A united world government, never fight another war again.  (World Corporation

Now there is only one thing left on Alex's mind:


Bring dead people back to life!

Why bring dead people back to life when humans are already over-populated?

Because I want people to have a choice!  I want all future driver licenses to offer an option "This person chooses to be resurrected if died".  I want God to give a person a 2nd chance to life.  I basically want to break all limits.  I want to kill science fiction!

Is resurrection possible?  Can a person really be brought back to life from a rotten corpse?

Well, the rule of thumb of invention is this:   Nothing is deemed impossible until a plan has been drawn and an experiment has been done.  But everything is impossible if a plan cannot be accepted by a conservative mind.

Does Alex have a plan for ressurection?  And if he does, how can resurrection work?

ANSWER:  Yes, I do have a plan!  And here is how it works.  Just read the following plan!


Some people ask me how to make a person truly immortal, meaning even if one accidentally dies, he still could be brought back to live.  Today's technology concerning "cloning" is the answer.

Some people believe that there is no resurrection and that immortality is to be given to spirits in another world.  But do remember it is clearly stated in the Bible (old testament) that God gave Nathan a dream that dry bones will one day be given back their flesh and breath.  This indicates humans can one day be raised from the dead.    Another verse in the bible says, "The trumpet shall sound, and the dead will be raised incorruptible."  If people will all die and go to heaven where they become immortal, why raised the dead incorruptible?  Please think about that.  Conclusion:   Immortality is to be accomplished on earth. Resurrection technology will be available in the future. Bible is not a fairy tale.  Bible is a prophecy book which accurately prophesied the future of men.  What ever has been prophesied shall come true BEFORE MEN, NOT BEFORE GHOSTS.

Based on an Egyptian prophecy, dead kings and high priests of Egypt who's bodies are neatly preserved shall one day be brought back to life.  Just because of this prophecy, Egyptians made mummies.  In ancient Egyptian tombs, people can see writings about this famous prophecy.  Inside an Egyptian tomb, you can see drawings portraying the world where the dead will be brought back to life.  The Egyptians were highly intelligent people who built the great pyramids.  Do you think that their resurrection prophecy is nothing but a joke?    mummy.jpg (11530 bytes)

I believe that resurrection can only be done by cloning.  But before we get into that, lets talk about 'mediums'.  Have you heard of 'mediums'?  Mediums are people who help you communicate with dead people.  A medium would draw the dead person's soul onto her own body allowing the dead to speak through her mouth.  This way, the living relatives can communicate with the dead.  I was thinking.......   If a medium can draw a dead person's soul into her body, why can't we draw a dead person's soul into a clone?  Which means, we clone a new body from an original dead body.  Then we draw that dead person's soul into the new body.  That person will relive again.  fortuneteller.jpg (14122 bytes)

There are four kinds of cloning.  The Blastomere cloning and Nuclear cloning are clonings which require a cell injected into an egg.  Then the egg is inserted into the ovary of a mother.  New born babies can be created this way.  Dolly, the famous sheep cloned in Europe, was produced this way.  But that's not how we can clone our dead mothers back.

The Cellular cloning is when you lay a kidney cell on the pad and clone the rest of the kidney back.  This is our approach to human cloning.  By taking a cell from your body and cloning it doesn't mean you can produce another exact same you.  The cloned person won't even look 5% like you.  It won't be you, and probably won't even speak your language.  He would be like "Duhhhh".

So I think the only possibility how we can clone the dead person back including memory and the actual spirit of the dead is the below:

What we need is a bone cell of a dead person.  The bone cell should be a cell of the back bone. 

Somebody would ask, "How do we clone the body if the person died 100 years ago?  The cell is already dead.  It cannot be revived." 

Answer: Before we clone, we have to revive that cell.  What we need to do is put that cell in a high power magnetic flux machine.  We induce powerful alternating magnetic flux into that cell.  We drop a few drops of nutrients on that cell as we induce the alternating magnetic flux.  The cell will revive.  I believe it will.   I believe the alternating magnetic flux will force the cell to regain it's freshness thus allowing it to revive.

Alternating magnetic flux
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Then, we place that cell in a bath tub sized chamber where we clone the entire body back.   But what do we use to clone the entire body?  A human body contains thousands of nutrients.  We have to clone the bones, the muscles, liver, lung, stomach, eyes, skin, brain, and everything else all together!  Where in the world do we gather all those nutrients that a human body needs?   Let me give you a hint:

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It's funny how a live chick is hatched out of an egg that has nothing more than the egg yolk and the egg white.  The egg yolk and the egg white can turn into bones, liver, brain, eyes, lung, heart, etc.  How amazing?!  Isn't a big egg what we exactly need to clone a human being?  So why don't we fill the cloning chamber with the materials of the egg yolk and the egg white?  If egg yolk and egg white can change into a live chick, it certainly can change into a human being.  I think egg yolk and egg white can be artificially produced.  No problem there.  So we mix the egg yolk and the egg white stuff and dump them in this cloning chamber.

  1. Place the dead corpus on top of the cloning chamber.  We clone the new body in this chamber.  The dead corpus remains on top of the chamber as we clone the new body.

  2. Shoot magnetic flux through both objects.  (dead body and the clone)

  3. The magnetic flux functions as the duplicator.  It carries the frequency found in the corpus and delivers it to the clone. 

  4. We clone as we run the magnetic flux through both objects.  This way the entire clone will come out exactly the same as the corpus from head to toe including the memory.

  5. The clone is so similar to the old dead body, even the soul in the spiritual world will be drawn back into the new cloned body. 

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If the clone starts to breath in the middle of the cloning process, we have to insert a tube in his belly button.  The tube carries blood and oxygen into his body through the belly button, and this would eliminate the need for breathing. 

When the clone awakens, we ask the clone what is his experience in the spiritual world.   If he tells his adventure, he must be the dead person who has been brought back to life.

I am sure you know what 'near death experience' is.  Near death experience is when a person dies for just a few minutes.  His soul leaves the body for a few minutes and then comes back to the body.  So this means as long as the soul has a matching body, the soul could come back to the body.  So why don't we just clone a new body for the dead?  The cloned body must match the old body 100% so that the soul could come back to this newly cloned body.  Then we can revive the dead.  We use a cell of the dead person, and we clone a new body that matches the dead person 100%.   I don't see why we cannot revive the dead this way.  This could be done!!

This technology will probably be available like 10 or 20 years from now.  But even if it is available, it will be so expensive that only the super rich families can afford to bring back their dead members. 

In the future, I will do anything to earn enough money to do resurrection experiments. I think resurrection is very important to me because I am, like everyone, afraid of death. If one day I am to die, I want to be able to return. It is a waste of precious knowledge and time for one to die.  Look at all of these years of knowledge I have acquired.  I can't bring any if I die.  So I will do all I can to keep alive!    People who call me "mad man" can go ahead and die.  See if I care.   They rather age and die instead of trusting Alex Chiu's new technology just because they think selling the Eternal Life Rings for $19 is a big scam, and they don't want to lose the 19 bucks.  They rather spend the 19 bucks in a restaurant for dinner.   These stubborn people do nothing to contribute to human race.   These people, in my eyes, are pests.  I think these close minded people deserve to die because they traded their precious life over 19 dollars.  For that reason, I offer people free instruction on how to build the eternal life devices thinking I might save a few lives.   Yet people email me and complain daily!  Why are these people still alive?

I know what others think of me. They think I am mad. My grandmother, who loves my eternal life rings because the rings brought her out of danger from death when she became extremely ill one year ago, and kept her lively and healthy ever since, still thinks I am crazy.  She saw with her own eyes that my rings helped Crystal Shu regrow her hair from ground up.  Yet she always insisted that I should go back to school and get a degree in computer so that I can become a multi millionaire just like my uncle who's company he works for went into the stock market.

I am mad. And I am proud to be mad. People like us are the ones who constructed modern society. We are the real founding fathers of so-called the human race.  We Chinese didn't invent much, but at least we have invented few most important ones: compass, fire work, cannon, paper, silk, banking, and physical immortality.  This will be internationally accepted 100 years later.

Anyway, even God said resurrection will be possible one day.  Who are you to defy God's words?