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What is it like in the future?

First, USA and China will fight a nuclear war.  (Taiwan will declare independence, and Bush will defend Taiwan.)

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Then, the entire world will be united using this method.

Then, the following events will occur:


How cheap is air?  Air is priceless.  Without air, we cannot survive.

If air is priceless, why don't we make our food priceless?  If food becomes priceless, people no longer need to work 8 hours a day like slaves.


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So in the future, farming will be done in high tech sky scrapers.  This 80 stories high sky scraper is a giant robotic farm house. >>>

Everything will be fully automatic.  Robots will farm for humans.   The cost of farming will be extremely low.  1 acre of land can produce millions of tons of food each year. 

Each year, American farmers spend 7 billion dollars on insect killing chemicals.  But once we start farming in the sky scrapers, farming will become indoor.  That means they no longer need to spray insect killers.   Vegetables will also become cleaner and safer for us to eat.

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Robots will farm for humans and do the jobs that most humans don't want to do.  So produce and farm products in the future will be extremely cheap.  Everyone can eat like a king. 

Nowaday's Japanese robots already know how to talk and do some basic house cleaning.  Robots will be as smart as humans in year 2050. 

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If the entire world is incorporated in the future, there will be no more war.  No more war means we don't have to pay tax to fund the military anymore.  Then we can pay tax to fund a new global program.  This global program allows the government to build these farming sky scrapers all over the world.  The food produced by these sky scrapers will be distributed to the poor people who cannot afford to pay for food.  Food stamps will be issued to the poor which allows them to collect food from these sky scrapers.  

Since everyone will be perfectly healthy and will never age in the future, there will be no more social security.   That means we pay less taxes. 



Living space will also become cheaper as the buildings become higher and higher.  skyscraper.jpg (10676 bytes)


So in the future, food and living space become a lot cheaper!  We also pay less taxes.  Electricity will also become cheaper as we modernize the solar cell, fuel cell, and wind technology.  People no longer need to work 8 hours a day like slaves.  Maybe people can work just 3 or 4 days a month.  The rest of the time is fun.   Remember!  Our mission is to transform earth into heaven.  Only technology and good ideas will help us. 

You don't need to have children anymore because you stay young forever and you don't need your children to take care of you when you get old.  So lots of people will decide not to have kids.  People don't need to have kids before they become 40 year-old because now they can have kids when they become 300 or 400 year-old.  So Immortality Device actually slows down human  population growth.  Hopefully, population will stop growing so that everyone will live a comfortable life.

In the future, everyone will have debit-credit cards.   Paper money and coins will die out.  Out-door merchants will all carry pocket size credit card processors.  If people don't use paper money, 95% of the crimes will disappear because there will be no more bank robbers and grocery store robbers.  No more drug dealers because nobody dares to buy or sell drugs using credit cards.  If your friend wants to borrow money from you, you can transfer some money into his account using your cellular phone.  If 95% of the crimes disappear, no more power hungry politicians and no more bossy policemen.  There will be more freedom to the people.

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Copyrighted 2001 by Alexander Y.C. Chiu

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