Prophets were almost like legends.  Lots of people believe that prophets, famous people who are recorded in the bible, were all speaking according to their own thinking and their own philosophies.  One person told me he is a prophet.  Then he told me God told him that people should love and be kind to each other.  What do I say?  "That's bullshit."  God didn't tell him that.  He thought of it up and told me that his words are directly from God.  Geez!  If so, any three year-old kid can qualify to be a prophet.  Anyone can say things like "God said love each other!"  and "God wants peace!"  What so special about people like Moses, Nathan, Elyshia, etc?

So how did prophets in the past predict the future so accurately then?  On the Babylonian stone tablet it has clearly stated that immortality shall be before the year 2000!  Fulfilled!  Jews shall gather together and Israel shall reappear.  Fulfilled!  But how did prophets predict the future?  These people didn't simply say stuff like, "God said people should love each other!" or "God said people should eat hamburgers."  These prophets were making very precise predictions!  Not joking around!

Here's the trick!  If you sow a flower seed, you expect a flower to grow out.  A flower seed won't end up growing human.  A banana tree won't grow pine apples.  A pig won't bore a human child. (Unless the kid had a real bad karma.)  So, you reap what you sow. Flower.gif (17260 bytes)

Which means, it has been decided before the flower seed was sowed that the outcome shall be a flower.  If you are white, and if your wife is also white, your kids should also be white and not black or asian.   Everything has a fixed past and a fixed future. 

So does the universe!  God is the DNA of the universe!  It decides how the universe flows.  God is simply the coding of our universe!  The forces of the universe flow according to God's configuration. 

Scientists study the DNAs of ancient humans and animals in order to understand their features.  The biochemistry technology allows us to find out the color of dinosaurs' skins, the kind of food they eat, their living habits, etc.  Scientists can know all that just by studying the DNA!

Prophets study natural signs in order to predict the future.  God is the DNA of our universe.  And signs found in our daily lives are related to the entire outcome and the direction of our God.

dna.gif (2994 bytes)

The earliest prophets studied the shape of cracked turtle shells to predict the future.  The shape of the cracking is a natural sign which relates to the entire universe. (relates to the coding of God)  But you got to be especially talented to comprehend the meaning of a few cracks.  It was difficult, but ancient scientests still managed to give accurate predictions.

Moses was the most powerful phophet I know!  He knew astrology and probably other natural signs so well, he has encoded the entire Torah with the coding of God, the DNA of the universe.   Everything, every personality, every event to come is included in that Torah code!  How powerful is this man Moses?!

We Chinese also have ways to predict the future using a language call Iching!  The earliest Iching prediction technique is to be done by throwing hays on the ground for signs.  But during the Sung dynasty, a prophet named Shou Kan Je has replaced the hays with brass coins which simplified the sign making process.  The study of Iching probably was brought to China by the Hebrews.  It is mentioned in the Bible that ancient prophets threw hays on the ground for signs.  Or maybe the Hebrews learned it from the Chinese?  Who knows.

Too bad in the early Europe, witch hunt has killed off most of the medians and witches including the prophets leaving the study of sign predictions and astrology greatly lost in the western culture.  But Chinese people have always respected prophets.  Lots of ancient text books dating back almost 100 AD concerning sign reading and Iching astrology were preserved until today.               iching.gif (4863 bytes)

alex2.gif (49458 bytes)

Like few days ago, I threw coins on the ground asking for signs of the future events to come.  Since I am not a top level prophet, I don't dare to say exactly what year.  But based on the ancient writings and a little bit of my own prediction, this is what God said!

"There shall be a great war coming!  Very soon!  The war is likely to occur in 2004.  Seems like there is great danger for the mainland of the United States in the year 2005.  The trigger seems like Taiwan.  This war will be the bloodiest war of all!  China will combine with its neighbors to combat with the Western forces which include USA.  Bones will pile up so high like hills.  Later the entire world shall be united.  Then the God followers will live happily ever after on earth. Deuteronomy puts forth these standards. In chapter 18, verse 20, God says that "... the prophet who shall speak a word in my name which I have not commanded him to speak, or which he shall speak in the name of other gods, that prophet shall die." In other words, any prophecy from God is guaranteed to be accurate, and any prophecy which is not from God but given in his name shall guarantee the death of the prophet. I am risking my life to tell you this. 


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