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What is a super race?  A super race is the race which I have just created, "the Immortal Race".  Which mortal person can study 8 hours a day like a teenager for ever and ever?  Which mortal can be healthier than the immortals?  Some people tell me, "Everyone is the same."   I say, "Certainly not!"  If everyone is the same, than a retarded person should stand beside Bill gates.  And Bill gates should hire farmers from third world countries to work in his computer firm. 

People who say that everyone is equal are very irresponsible.  If you think that a normal healthy man is 100% equal to a handicapped person, or 100% equal to a starving-to-death child in Nigeria, why don't you jump off a cliff and become handicapped then?  Why don't you fly to Nigeria and live like that?   People who always proclaim that "We are all equal." never did taste one bit of hardship in their whole life.  If one has gone through starvation, handicap, or poverty, he will not say that everyone's equal.  Because the fact is no one is equal.   Do you want to be born into a poor family or a rich family?  Be honest.

Of course everyone is different.   Our goal on earth is to make everyone equal.  Which means, everyone in the future shall become superior.  The entire human race shall become one "superior race"!  What's the use of hating each other?  You think he is inferior and hate him forever, and he thinks you're cruel and stubborn and hates you forever.   Hatred won't work.  We must use technology to solve problems.  My Immortality Device seems to be the Perfect solution.