If you comb your hair, your comb becomes negatively charged.  Your hair becomes positively charged.  Now your comb can pick up (attracts) paper strips.  

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The way how earth attracts objects is similar to the way how the comb attracts paper strips.  When the core of the earth rubs against the earth's surface, the core becomes very negatively charged.  When anything becomes very negatively charged, it starts attracting things from nearby.  Therefore, conductive materials lie deep below the earth, while nonconductive materials flow to the surface of the earth.   This created weight and gravity.

How do we know that the core of the earth turns faster than its surface?  By clues.

First clue, water going down the drain whirls its way from its boundary slowly to the center.  In the center of the whirl, the water's rotating speed becomes faster.   So center of the whirl is faster than its outer boundary. 

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Second clue, the water going down the drain's shape is similar to our galaxy.  And our galaxy is known to have a faster rotating, hotter center than its edges.  So could this mean that planets and stars also have faster rotating centers than their crusts or outer layers?


The closer a planet is to the sun, the faster it orbits the sun.  Therefore, the closer a matter is to the center of a planet or a star, the faster it rotates.  That is why the more center a layer is, the faster it should turn.  The faster layer rubs against the outer, slower layer causing heat and gravity.  In the sun, friction caused by the rubbing of layers is very powerful and generates tremendous heat.  That is also why the sun remained burning for billions of years, not by nuclear fusion or by hydrogen burning as how many scientists have described.