Now why do metal glow bright red when it's hot?  Another word, why do metal shine when it's hot?

sun.gif (10500 bytes)

Alex Chiu:  Oh man!  I explained that part in the "gravity" section already.  Let me then explain again.  See the animated picture below?

Energy causes the earth to rotate.  And the rotation causes the earth's core to rub against the crust.  The friction between the core and the crust causes heat!   And heat is the same as light! (It shines.)  The sun shines because the sun's core rubs against the sun's crust which causes the sun to shine. 

Now remember that there are tiny planets and tiny solar systems inside a matter.   So if you give lots of energy to a matter, the tiny solar systems inside that matter will rotate faster causing them to shine, just like the sun.

Now why would an atom rotate when there is energy?  Why would earth rotate when there is energy in our universe?  First, what is energy? Answer: Two forces; the positive charge and negative charge. Okay, what happens when two forces meet?

When two forces meet, they don't do a
head-on colision. Na! They're not that stubborn. They swiftly twirl around each other so that the blue can reach the origin of the red, and the red can reach the origin of the blue. That's how tornadoes are generated. When hot air is going up while cold air is coming down, a tornado is formed. Electricity is formed the same way; that's why there is magnetic flux rotating around an electric current.  Electrons travel straight forward, and the magnetic flux is the twirling action.  NOW YOU GOT IT!

Now why when an atom is heated, its volume expands?  The reason is an atom rotates faster if you give it more heat (energy).  When things rotate faster, they fly more outward due to inertia.  So the boundary of an atom rotates faster and flies outward expanding the size of the atom.

These two twirling forces are the base of Chinese Taoism. Recognize the Yin Yang symbol? Confucius said "Man must not go against the thrust of nature but should softly abide the movement of nature." He means don't go for a head-on colision with your opponent but naturally push your opponent away from you. This philosophy is also the foundation of Sun Tze's Art of War. You must read it sometimes.

Let's move on.  Why do things melt when heated?

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The reason is this:

The more energy you give to the solar system, the faster it rotates.  So if you heat up a piece of cheese, the zillions of atoms inside the cheese will rotate faster.

Say if you swing a ball tied to a string.....

swing1.gif (2460 bytes)

If you swing too hard, it flies loose!

swing2.gif (3119 bytes)

So what does that tell you?  Inside a cold matter, the atoms are rotating slowly.  Since atoms are rotating slowly, things don't fly loose.  So they still have a form.  But inside a hot matter, the atoms are rotating fast!  When atoms rotate extremely fast, they break loose and fly apart.  That's why they melt.

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