First, the PD and RD (pushing detect and receiving detect). Please wait to see the picture move.

Picture of the sending and receiving detact

The pushing and receiving detects' function is to push magnetic flux (send) from the pushing detact into the black metal ball. Then is to be received by the receiving detect. Both pushing and receiving detects are simple electromagnetic coils. The main job for these two is to detect the frequency of the metal ball. I think that if we can detect the frequency of the metal ball, we can later amplify the frequency of the metal ball and teleport the metal ball away by sending the amplified frequency away.

The receiving detect receives the uniquea frequency recorded in the metal ball. (actually, every matter in the world carries its unique frequency.) The secondary coil transforms the detected frequency to the primary coil. This transformation should be "step up" transformation.

The secondary coil to primary coil transformation should be "step down". That means we are going to make a lower frequency but higher amp output. (Input from secondary and output to primary)

secondary and primary's picture

Now we amplify the outcome from the primary coil. Before we amplify the outcome, its already high amperage. By amplifying it, we made it high amperage AND high frequency!
picture of the amplifier


by Alex Chiu 1997