A jet plane cannot fly too high. When a jet reaches a certain height where the air is too thin to support the jet's wings, the jet loses its balance and falls. A jet is balanced by its wings. If the air becomes too thin, especially at a very high altitude, the jet's wings will no longer help balance the jet. Then the jet will lose control. Please wait to see the following picture move.

Picture of a flying jet losing control and falls.

Unlike a jet, UFO is balanced by its gyroscopic rotating outerbody. It will never lose control at any altitude. Which means, it can fly so high, it flies into space. Please wait to see the following picture move.

UFO flying up to the space

How does an UFO control its direction without wings? A UFO's jet engine would rotate and control the UFO's direction. Please wait for the picture to move.
UFO's jet engine rotate controlling UFO's direction

Well, what makes the author think that the UFO is as showned above?
Does the author has any clue or evidence to support his statement?
First clue, let's take a look at few UFO photos.