concerning excessive DHT androgen levels in men


Posted by Reven d Alfano on November 27, 1999 at 04:50:31:

hi alex,
i'm 24. i enjoyed your site. ordered your rings and awaiting arival. any way my question is this...
i've always had acne on my back and forehead, it annoys mi. it is, in my opinion, a result of excessive dehydrotestorone levels, which is a result, probably, of excessive levels of aromatase (type II alpha 5-hydroxy reductase i think). i feel this because i took a antiaromatase medication for a year and it helped with my skin. however i did not like the side effects so i stopped. now i'm back to where i started complection wise. anyway i was wondering if the rings may help and if they do would the help be limited to helping just the skin, or would it improve chemicaly whats going on in mi? (im more concernd with other associated disorder like prostate, mpb, and estrogen) anyway i don't know if it would but i was wondering because i saw information on acne on the site.
just wanted to run this by you, i was curious.


answer: Lots of people said their acne went away. Here is a testimony I received concerning acne going away.

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