Before and After pictures?

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Posted by James Bickford on March 31, 19100 at 10:38:14:

Why aren't there any real "Before and After" picures on the site rather than the stylized cartoons?

Answer: You want to know why?  Let me tell you exactly why. 

I think these web sites which give you before and after pictures are all scams.  I have been selling Immortality Device for 7 years.  My device works, and everybody who used it knows that I am for real.  The diabetic guy who got out of the wheelchair within 7 days first submitted his high school photo to me plus his real email address.   Then 2 months later, he called me telling me to take his photo off from my testimonial page.  He also requested me to take off his entire testimonial.  I was so furious because I saved this asshole's legs from amputation.  (Doctors told him that they will soon amputate his legs in order to avoid gang-green.)    Without me, he would have his legs chopped off already.  This asshole still called me telling me to take off his testimonial.  I refused to take off the testimonial.  He has submitted the testimonial to me.  Therefore, I have the right to publicize it without using his real name.  So what I did is delete a letter from his last name and kept the testimonial on my site.

Trust me.  People have no remorse what so ever.  I saved his legs from amputation, but he doesn't give a damn.  That's real people.  It's easy to save a person's life.  It's easy to cure somebody's disease.  But it's hard, if not impossible, to obtain somebody's before and after picture.  They will not give you their photos for anything in the world.  They don't want their faces publicized.   They don't care what you have done for them in the past.  They just want to live a good life and tell you to buzz off.  Like the guy who got out of wheelchair within 7 days.  He actually dared to call me telling me to take his testimonial off.....  God damn PISSED ME OFF!!!!

That's why I think these companys that give you professional 'before and after photos' are all fake.  Hey, my devices are the most incredible devices in the world.  I have saved so many people's lives.  I have cured so many people's diseases.  But God knows how hard it is to obtain somebody's before and after photos.  During these 7 years, hundreds of people submitted written testimonials to me.  But not one submitted me a before/after photo.