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Posted by Jonathan on May 01, 19100 at 10:09:39:

Posted by Jonathan on April 29, 19100 at 00:51:33:

With claims like imortality and other seemingly impossible things you do realize that when you start getting these magnets and this information out into the media you will be attacked from all sides. government medical agencies and associations trying violently to sue you or shut you down.... all kinds of persecution from religious kooks, people bashing your claims and products. Youll be talked about a whole lot, and this board and your mailbox will have an enormous flood of messages from people. Needless to say you will have alot of of flak, (and maybe even a few imitators with their own imortality devices) and i sincerely hope that youre ready for it. Things will be said about you by those who write with crooked nib, and bent pencils, but i hope it helps to remember that people like me stand behind you, real living proof and testimonies like mine i hope will be enough to get good word around. I wear the footbraces every night now and every morning ive woken up with a clear head and energized. Also, both of my big toes have had very bad ingrown toenails that have come and gone for the past 3 years, theyve never totally gone away, its like for 6 months out the year my toes are bloody and sore, even my socks have blood stains in them, but since ive been wearing the footbraces the redness and tenderness and swelling has all gone down. Usually this doesnt happen till the summertime when im not on my feet alot. Maybe now the nails can finally grow out like they should, and without medical attention (again). So you can add this to your testimonies in case anyone ever asks about infections and bleeding pain from ingrown toenails, and ive only been wearing the braces consistently for a week. Remember alex, those people on your main page went through hell to prove themselves right. When Galileo showed off his telescope there were 3 kinds of people...the ones that looked through and believed what they saw, the ones who looked and did not believe what they saw, but the worst kind were the ones who would not look through and did not believe, maybe that saying will be of use to you.
People dont have to even believe in God at all for your product to work, but standing on the ground of may take ten thousand generations, but one day those very people will look up and see the light*
after all, every body is different.

and how much will the neodymium foot braces cost?

Answer: Thanks Jonathan. It's people like you that makes this whole ordeal with "authorities" and "hard-headed people" all worth while and more! The way I see it, even if a single person gets measurable REAL benefit from this discovery, it is well worth it.

I'm just little overwhelmed with the responsbility of sharing this discovery with ALL people who are willing to listen and make decisions for themselves based on meaningful testing of the product.

It is sad that I must agree with you on the counts of those who wouldn't even try before making their verdit on my discovery.

But the way I see it: the truth will prevail. Given the magnitude of the ramification from this discovery, it will be very difficult to assume that the majority of the people will eventually turn and see the truth in a short period of time.

But I'm not really worried about it. As long as there are people like you out there, the truth will soon come to pass.

We haven't decided on the price of Neodymium footbraces as of yet. We will post on the site as soon as we know more about the availability of these expensive magnets.

Again, thank you for your support and congratulations of all your new personal changes.