I am deaf.  Can't even order on the phone.  Any hope?

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Posted by Rebecca on May 01, 19100 at 10:19:18:

I would like to make foot brace and the rings like yours with stronger magnet. Do you know a company that sells magnet via online?  I can't order on phone because I am deaf.

answer: My recommendation for you is to try with regular and Neodymium magnets before playing around with any stronger magnets. As far as ordering on-line is concerened, people hardly place orders using telephone nowadays.  Every web site has automatic online credit card order forms.  Why don't you order directly online?

If you are trying to heal your deafness, I will have to urge you to read my section about curing the handicap. http://www.alexchiu.com/philosophy/handicap.htm

Direct flow of magnetic flux in most cases is not strong enough to heal severe handicaps. But, anything is possible, so I will encourage you to continue your search and keep us posted, ok?

Good luck and thank you for your input.