Magnetic Coil and Handicap Machine

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Posted by Jonathan on May 04, 19100 at 08:27:43:

I was wondering about the magnetic coil you said can heal the handicaps and massive scar tissue.   (   )

On the bottom of the second page of the "heal handicaps" section you said "This is no longer a theory. I have built magnetic coils and tested them. They do work as described above" so how will one of these be available to us? will they be sold? if so how much? Or have you just experimented with them and it for the most part remains a big theory?

Answer: We have a prototype machine that shows effectiveness, but it has a couple of hurdle to go over before it can be made available to general public. Please hang on tight until we work out these problems.

First, there is concern with government authorities that need to be worked out with. Although this is a fairly big problem it isn't something that additional funding and time can't solve.

Second, (this is more fundamental challenge) the machine MUST be customized to each individual's condition and type of handicap. This means that it will take many different types of handicap test subjects to be tested independently. Again, nothing that more money and time can't solve.

Bottom line, yes we have a working model that works as I told you, but it will be some time before I can release this invention to public.

Caution. Don't try to imitate this idea at home, wrong EMF setting can actually harm you or even kill you! Any time AC is used in conjunction with magnetic field, one has to be EXTREMELY careful. In other words, this thing is not a TOY!

Let us do enough experiments at our own risk first! Just like I offered myself as the first test subject with my first invention. There's no need to potentially harm anyone else.

I figure we should have something that is available to selected groups of general public to try by the end of this year.