Could there be a (slight) possibility of this system causing cancer.?

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Posted by Dan on June 07, 2000 at 13:57:28:

Could there be a (slight) possibility of this system causing cancer?  For example the supposed greater than average child leukimia cases near powerlines, due to the theorised attraction of free radicals by strong magnetic fields. This sort of effect would not be immediate, and since cancer is an uncontrolled form of growth, does the possiblity exist that the rings would actually increase the growth of a tumor?

Answer: You get 1/2 credit for mentioning EMF near electric powerline possibly causing cancer (IT DOES!!).  However, you missed the BIG point. EMF created by powerline AND your Cell phone or Microwave oven is ALL AC or FREQUNCY SENSITIVE. Where as polarized magnetic flux created by my invention is UNIFORM and Direct. Think about your hair. What would your hair look like if you got a comb and messed up in EVERY direction at once? It will look like heck!! Now imagine combing your hair in UNIFORM direction (meaning from top to bottom) with gentle continuous strokes? Of course your hair would look great. Same thing happens to our cells near these harmful EMF.