My trick is to start a new Yahoo or Google group

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Posted by Brandon on May 13, 192008 at 04:43:22:

You know they have Yahoo or Google groups. All I did is started a few Yahoo and few Google groups, groups about new age science, about religion, about alternative medicine, and one group about Kevin Trudeau. Guess what? People will drop in and become members. Then your group would become popular and move up the rank so more people will be able to find your group and join. Then you just promote your link code on the group or put your link code on the description section as HTML format so people can click on it.

So far, I get like 3 clicks a day. Not much. But hey, 3 clicks a day is 90 clicks a month. I might even earn some commission in the long run. I might even gain lots of downlines. I gained 2 downlines ever since I started the groups like a week ago.