AUTO SURF type of program disqualified me from earning the rings!!! Beware.

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Posted by Jerry Salmon on June 23, 192008 at 04:11:31:

I was using autosurf programs, you know, the programs that allow their members to just open their browser, turn off their monitors, and let their browser surf the net randomly. It automatically displays a new website every 10 seconds. But nobody is really reading anything.

I earned lots of clicks using these programs. But support team sent me an email saying that those clicks that I earned from autosurf programs don't count. I earned clost to 1000 some clicks using these programs, and it took me close to 2 weeks.

Beware of this. Post your links on forums only. I did receive a pair of rings from the clicks that I earned from the link that I posted in different forums after all. So it's all koo. But I wasted a large amount of time on autosurf programs which earned me nothing at the end.