But technically speaking, the real face of God is this:

1. I walk around seeing religious leaders calling themselves God...

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2. Only things that impressed me are the bible prophecy (old testament) and the Jewish Babylonian stone tablets prophecy which predicted our future so accurately.  We all have heard of things like:  "the stern face king who slaughters 2/3 of the Jews, (Hitler) the reappearing of Israel, the king of the East and it's great army at the last battle on earth (China), immortality at the year 2000, etc.   Now that's what I call the real words of God.
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The stern face king who slaughtered 2/3 of the Jews, Hitler.


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Reappearance of Israel (1948)

And of course, the King of the East....

The King of the East, China

And of course, my Immortality Rings.

Neodymium rings

3. One day I picked up a Chinese Iching text book and started learning how to predict the future using Chinese astrology.   After a year of vivid practice and learning, I started surprising all of my friends and relatives by giving them extremely accurate predictions of future events.  With Iching, I am able to predict the month or the date a future event shall take place.   I find the Chinese Iching a super accurate prediction tool.  It is one of the most popular language of God.   Then I realized that God is the "Great Operating Digits" of the entire universe.  God is the fundamental mathematical formula that runs our universe.   The Egyptians were probably the ones who first invented an astrological language similar to Iching which enabled them to predict the future.  Then their technology has been passed down to the Hebrews and the Chinese.   I want people to understand God.  God is totally scientific.  God is something which scientists can proof to be existing by doing experiments and making predictions with Iching.  "Then the knowledge of God shall fill the earth, as much as the water which fills the sea."   Im waiting for that day.  People shall know the true God, the main engine which runs our universe.

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God is the mathematical formula which runs our universe.   Nothing escapes it.

My lord, I know you exist.

I have studied both the Chinese prophecies and the Jewish prophecies.  You truly did fulfill every prophecy, one by one, accordingly.

You, my G~d, are the physics of the universe, the law of all matters, the past and the future of time.

All matters have their physics.

Moon rotates around the Earth, and Earth surrounds the Sun.  Nobody can defy this fact.

An orange seed produces an orange tree.    How else can it be?

The universe itself also needs a system to back it up, or else the universe cannot function.

You, my G~d, are the physics of the universe, the DNA of space, the fulfillment of time,

Some say that my G~d is a living being.

But I know that my G~d is the mathematical system which governs and runs the entire universe.

You can be measured with only natural signs and numbers.

I know this because the entire bible is full of numbers, signs and symbols.

One thing so sweet about you, my lord, is that you promised a wonderful future for us.

A future soon to come, with the end of death and disease, raising of the dead, miraculous fertility, and global peace and unity.

One day, your true identity will be enlightened to all,

Studied by all,

From land to land, sea to sea,

For eternity.

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