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How can you proof that God is a mathematic formula?

Easy!!  What is the job of a professional stock analyst?  ANSWER;  A professional stock analyst predicts the stock market trend and reads the stock chart.  Below is a stock chart.

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See 2 blue lines?  One at the top of the trend and one at the bottom of the trend.  Why are there blue lines existing guiding the flow of the stock market?  How come the blue lines are so accurate?  Who sets this rule?  How come it's always there?   Nobody sets the rule, and the blue lines will always be there in every single stock chart.  The blue lines form a very noticeable pattern.   Just by drawing the lines, you can have a good idea where the market is heading.   Every professional analyst knows that there is a mathematic formula involved in the stock market trend.  Every stock chart has a unique, organized pattern.   Therefore, a stock market analyst is trained to read the stock chart so that he can predict the future of the stock.  If a stock market analyst can predict the future of stocks just by reading the chart patterns, does this mean that there are ways to predict the future of the world?  Can a fortune teller predict the future by looking at the stars?  Can a card reader foretell the future by Tarot cards?  Is there a pattern which guides the entire world?  Can one predict the future by reading the patterns in the stars?  Absolutely!

The entire world also follows a pattern.  It is also affected by a mathematic formula.  And who do you think that formula is?   Who is then the analyst of the formula of the world?

Answer:  Analyst of the world is called a prophet, a learned person who practices astrology, math, and sign reading.   His job is to predict the future of the world and decipher the formula which affected our world.  That formula is GOD.  The entire bible (old testament) is a book of prophecy written by only the prophets.  If you are not a professional prophet, you don't have the authority to write up prophecies.

What's a prophet? (Short description)

A prophet is a learned person who knows astrology and reads natural signs.  A natural sign could be a dream, a Tarot card, or a natural phenomena.   (The burning bush that Moses saw was a natural phenomena.  A stock chart is also a natural phenomena.)  A prophet is a very high level fortune teller.  If a fortune teller or a psychic makes mistakes in a prediction, he or she cannot qualify to be a prophet.  One of the most powerful prophet I know is Moses, a powerful astrologer who has encoded the entire assembly of God into the first five books of the Bible which is known as the Torah.  Without Moses' high level of understanding of the mathematical formula of the universe (God), one cannot invent such a delicate prophecy chart (Torah) which is composed of less than 500,000 Hebrew letters and yet is still so accurate.  The coding found in the Torah is known to contain every person's identity, incident of every historical event, data of the complete past and the complete future, EVERYTHING!  To learn more about the hidden Torah codes, click here.  Boy I wish I can come up with something like that!  But too bad it has already been invented. 

What will happen in the future?  Is there a trustworthy, accurate prediction?  Yes there is.  You must read this.  Very important!

One year ago, I read a 1500 year-old Chinese prophecy book written by Lee Chung-Fung, Tong Dynasty's first emperor's prophet.  This man is one of the most accurate prophets ever existed in China.  He was a famous I-Ching and astrology master.  He wrote a book which has 60 poems and 60 cartoon drawings.   Each poem has a drawing, and each poem is a prophecy which describes a Chinese historical event that will occur in order.  Which means, the 36th poem will definitely happen before the 40th poem.   Poem # 60 is the end of his prophecy.  Out of 60 prophecies, 55 of them have already been fulfilled.  Poem # 55 says:

To read poem #39 - #54, click here.

Poem 55
already fulfilled
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"A woman beside the water, bowing down to the sun.  Turns danger into friendship.  He will not give up his country."

An image of a man trying to support a falling tree.

Astrological sign: 5th of Wu

I-Ching sign: Water on top of Old Male

This poem has clearly indicated that a man with the name "beside the water" will rise to power.  There is a woman beside him who will bow down to the sun.  President Chen Shui-Bien of Taiwan is that man.  His first name "Shui-Bien" means "beside the water" in Chinese.  He picked a woman to be his vice-president.  Few years ago, that woman went to Japan and bowed down to the Japanese imperial sun flag in a war criminal temple. (a total traitor)   Her action was later exposed by a newspaper.  Mainland China threats Chen for a unification of China.  Chen refuses.  Everyone toward the end of 1999 thought that China will attack Taiwan immediately.  But Chen has successfully turned danger into friendship.  Nothing happened.


Poem # 56 will be fulfilled next !!
(World War 3)

To read poem #39 - #54, click here.

Poem # 56 says:

Poem 56
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An image of 2 soldiers, each standing on a continent.   The 2 continents are separated by the ocean.  They do not use their hand held weapons.  They only spew fire at each other.  Two fish jump out of the ocean, and two birds are flying against each other.

Flyers are not birds, swimmers are not fish,
A war does not depend on soldiers.  It's a game of technology.
Millions of miles of deadly smoke, on top a mushroom and at bottom a fountain.
A sight out of people's imagination.  Big trouble not solved, but greater trouble arrives.


Astrological sign: 6th of Wei

I-Ching sign: Water on top of Soil

Sounds like world war 3 to me.   What holy smoke could spread millions of miles and have a mushroom top and a fountain at the bottom?

Poem #57 says:

Poem 57
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An image of a kid pouring out the fire with water.

In an extreme situation, things turn around.  A three-feet tall kid, made all foreigners bow down.

When Blue West and Red East struggle, a son of God appears, a gentleman who brings peace and stops the killing.

This unbelievable genius is from the middle of the two, westernized and thus ended all wars for good.

Astrological sign: 7th of Shen
I-Ching sign: River on top and at bottom


nato.jpg (2950 bytes)                     china.jpg (2389 bytes)
NATO                                    CHINA

That's the savior of the world.  

Poem #58 says:

Poem 58
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An image of 4 men all carrying bows and arrows.  (Bows and arrows represent power.)  They all hold official seals in their hands.  (In ancient China, when government officials attend meetings, they all must hold their seals in their hands.)  This image indicates that there will be some kind of new world organization.

Big trouble is over, and all foreigners gave in.  Become brothers.  Six - seven countries. 

Millions of miles without noise nor waves. Become brothers, become friends, and peaceful again.   Only remaining danger lies in north-west, thus we still cannot sing a global song of peace.

Astrological sign: 8th of Yo
I-Ching sign: River on top of Water

After the savior stopped the war, it's peaceful again.  In an area north-west from China, there still is conflict.   Therefore global peace still cannot be accomplished.

Poem #59 says:

Poem 59
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An image of a man pulling a straw out of a cup.   (This straw and cup thing is a kind of Chinese oracle.)  This image indicates that this man will do things according to God's will.

No castles, no walls.  No my, no yours.
The entire world becomes one family, prosper throughout the globe.

   One man for the entire world's joy,  Follows God's will and prospers the world.
Red, yellow, black, white all together.  North, East, South, West in total harmony.

Astrological sign: 9th of Shu
I-Ching sign: River on top of Mountain

That's the promised messiah.  The 4 colors represent the 4 races.  Everyone seems happy everywhere.

Poem #60 says:

Poem 60p60.gif (1878 bytes)
An image of a man pushing another man's back.

One negative, and one positive, a never ending cycle,
Enders end themselves.  Starters start themselves.

The numbers of God will be studied at this stage.  The natural course of human race shall be broken.  Too many things to say here. Pushing the man's back forcing him to rest is actually better.

Astrological sign: 10th of Hai
I-Ching sign: River on top of Soil

This poem is saying that the knowledge of God will fill the earth as much as the water which fills the sea.  In the future, people will study the numbers of God (mathematical formula).  The natural course of human race (aging, sickness, and death) will no longer exist. 

To read poem # 39 - #54, click here.

That's the end of the prophecy!!

Lee's prophecies, all the way up to number 55, have been accurately fulfilled one by one.  He never made a mistake.   His last 5 prophecies will definitely be fulfilled soon, beginning with poem #56 which describes a world war 3.  Throughout this prophecy book, astrological and I-Ching indications can be seen on each page.  This suggests that Lee used mainly astrology to predict the future.  By the way, if you want to read poem #39 - # 54, just click here.

Lee's 60 poems prophecy coincides with the old testament prophecies.  The old testament also predicted that there will be a great, fearsome war at the end, and a savior will appear ending all wars for good.   Then later, there will be an eternal kingdom of God which shall never be destroyed.   The old testament sounds just like Lee's prophecy.  Some bible scholars believe that one day everyone will die and will go to heaven where souls become immortal.   But based on Lee's prophecy poem #59, it said, "Red, yellow, black, white all together.  North, East, South, West in total harmony.".  This clearly indicates that in the future, there still will be earth because there are north, east, south and west.  There are also people living on earth because the four races still exist.  People still have their flesh because different skin colors still exist.  Then they live happily ever after.  That was the end of his prophecy.   So the belief that everyone will die and will go to heaven and become immortal soul is a false belief.  Lee never said anything about everyone dying and going to heaven at the end.  And the old testament said that one day death will become a thing in the past as people become immortal.  Not "souls become immortal", but "people become immortal". 

You see?  God is a mathematical formula that cannot be changed.  You can only predict the formula, but there is no way that you can change it.  Everything is predestined.  Which means, things will happen as how the prophets have predicted.  The old testament prophecy and Lee's prophecy will both come true.  The mathematical formula of God has already been deciphered by ancient prophets.  You can only read their prophecies, but you cannot change anything.

So do you still think that God is a living being?  If you do, then I say that earth is not round but flat.  And the mighty Hercules is the one who's holding it.  And earth is still the center of the universe because the sun and the moon surrounds the earth.  Wake up!  What century is this?  You got to think scientifically.  You got to find a scientific explanation to everything.  You cannot tell me that Zeus is the one who's throwing the thunder bolt.  Believing that there is a living being which controls the entire universe is the same as believing that Zeus throws thunder bolt.

The reason why I know that God is a mathematic formula is probably I am Chinese.  Chinese religion, the Tao, teaches that the entire universe is controlled by numbers.  There are many Chinese prophecy books that are as accurate as Lee's 60 poems.  All of them are very precise.  We Chinese like to lay everything down clear and square.  We don't like to play mind games like how the Jewish prophets would play mind games with readers of the old testament.  From the very beginning our religion told the truth about God.  God is a mathematical formula, and future events could be predicted.  But because we Chinese are too honest and too precise, the prophecy books written by Chinese prophets were mostly too boring to read.  Their books are not mysterious and magical enough to attract people's attention.  Nobody reads them, and most of them are now lost.   So I think that the Jewish prophets were very smart.  They intentionally made their bible sound so mysterious and magical so that people want to read the bible.   They're the ones who spread the idea about a unified God using this technique.   So praise the Jews!!

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If you ask: Why did God say that he punishes the bad people and rewards the good people?  Isn't God a living being after all?

Answer: Karma is part of the mathematical formula.  It's cause-and-effect.   We Chinese practice Feng Shuei, the study of architecture's effect on people's fortune.  The design of your house affects your fortune.  If you live in a house with bad design, you get bad luck.  But if you live in a 'lucky' designed house, you have good luck.  The mathematical formula of God is very complicated.   One needs to study years of astrology and sign reading in order to determine the concept of God.

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Lee Chun-Fung was Tong dynasty's emperor's personal prophet.  He was a well known IChing master specialized in astrology, feng shui, and sign reading.  He was employed by the rebel leader who later became the first emperor of Tong dynasty.  In the year 289 AD, Lee told the emperor that the star sign shows a great shift of positive energy into the negative energy.  Therefore Lee predicted that the emperor's 3rd wife will become emperor in the future.  The emperor laughed and said, "You must be joking.  How can a woman become the emperor?  A woman cannot even step into politics.  If you are so accurate, why don't you tell me the name of the next prime minister?  Then I will believe you."  Lee then gave the emperor the name of the next prime minister, which is 'Chu'.  In ancient China, who ever scored the highest in a national college exam will become the prime minister.  Few weeks later, the results of the national exam was publicized.  The man who scored the highest was a man named 'Chu'.   Lee's prophecy came true.  The emperor then worried about Lee's prophecy concerning his 3rd wife becoming the future emperor.  So the emperor sent his 3rd wife to a Buddhism temple and forced her to become a nun.  In 299 AD, after the death of the emperor, the son of the emperor ordered the 3rd wife to be brought back to the palace and made her his new wife.  After the death of the son, she eliminated all of her enemies and became the first woman emperor of China. 

Lee's 60 poems book could be purchased only in Chinatown.  It's called "Tuay Bay Tu".  I have never heard of an English print for his work.  You can also read his entire book online at http://www.puretcm.com/big_5/astrotec/index2/tuibeitu/no_0.htm   (In Chinese only)

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