Attention. Eternal Life Device is already patented and is proven by many people to be working. Teleportation is not. The reason why I wrote this page is because we need teleportation very badly since everyone now lives forever.

Important news!   According to Chinese agriculture expert, the food supply and land of China can only support up to 1.6 billion people.  China now has approximately 1.28 billion people.   Once China reaches 1.6 billion, China will blow up!  That means it will invade Russia, India, Germany, France, and lands among rest of Europe.  If we don't hurry up and invent this stuff, you people will face the consequences!  I'm Chinese myself, and I truely know Chinese in China are now preparing for war!  Don't expect them to lose the war easily.  They are fighting for their own survival.

Now I have only theories concerning teleportation machine. Sorry that I have copyrighted this page. If you build the teleportation machine according to the theories or the instructions written on this page, you might not get full credit for a patent. The reason why I want to expose my theories of teleportation to the public is because that I don't think that I have the skill or the money to complete this project. So my friend, I will leave it up to you! Infact, I have opened WWW.ALEXCHIU.COM just for this teleportation page.

First, what is a teleportation machine, in my head, consist of?
Basically, there are two parts. The first part is the sending part. The second part is the receiving part. We teleport an object from the first part to the second part.

Here are the first part's components.
picture of sending part

And the second part's components...
Teleportation picture part 2
Teleportation must be invented. If we don't invent teleportation, China will throw nuclear bomb everywhere. Especially now everyone can live forever.


by Alex Chiu 1997