Strain on the Brain to release more healing?

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Posted by Kevin D. on May 31, 192002 at 18:38:52:

Hi Alex,
I have been wearing your rings regular strength for about 6 months. One thing I have noticed is that my hair is still getting gray on my beard. But on my head it does not appear to be getting any worse. I am 38 and have had reactions like most other people. increased heart rate, dreams,ect. I was wondering when the magnetic flux is increased requesting more healing chemicals from the brain , is the brain more stressed to produce these healing chemicals? Is there a limit to how much healing chemicals we can request the brain to produce? What are these chemicals? Is it growth Hormone HGH which has scientific data supporting it helps aging. Would it benefit to use hgh and your rings for more benefit? Also can you show some before and after photo's of some of these people who claim some amazing results. Alot of questions I know but I think they are good questions. best wishes I will continue to use your rings. Thanks , Kevin
ANSWER: I think that the brain is a little bit stressed. That's why when a user wakes up, he feels tired. He feels that he wants to sleep more. The brain has worked all night trying to heal lots of damaged areas of the body, and there is not enough time to sleep. I said that the rings force the healing chemicals out of the brain, but I don't know what chemicals they are. But all I know is that the brain is doing something.

If you want to know why nobody submits before and after pictures, please click on the following link.