Okay. But why do animals or humans walk or crawl in such great balance? If my right leg moves to the front, my left leg will move to the back, and vise versa. Why? Who taught the animals to be balanced in every movement? The answer is no one.Their positive and negative charges made them move in balance. Remember that I told you that + and - must be balanced?
charges must be balanced
The picture above consists of a body, a left leg, and a right leg.

Do you think that this is possible? Please wait to see the picture move. (animated GIF)
move front and back
Remember that negative charges and positive charges must be balanced. Two legs won't be together since they both carry positive charges and should repel each other. That's why animals motions are always in great balance. do you know how a fish swim? See moving picture below. (Please wait to see the picture move.)
fish swim in balance
Even fish swim in balance.

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