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US PATENT # 5,989,178
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Please believe me. Everything you read is true and is important. Now people do not have to age anymore.
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 According to Alex Chiu, based on testimonies, facts, and proofs, people are believed to be able to stay physically young forever by using his new inventions "The Eternal Life Rings" and "The Eternal Life Foot Braces". The Eternal Life Rings are to be worn on both small fingers of a user during sleep. The Eternal Life Foot Braces are to be worn on all toes of both feet during sleep. Both devices consist of rare earth or ceramic magnets and plastic braces which hold magnets onto the fingers of the user. The inventor explained that the fingers and toes are the negative (-) and positive (+) terminals of your body.

When placing the magnetic devices, the magnetic pole on the right side of the human body is opposite to the left side.   With a opposite pole on each side of the human body, blood circulation and electric current of the body are enhanced. The enhanced blood circulation and electric current increase metabolism in order to fight the aging process.

The Eternal Life Rings and The Eternal Life Foot Braces invented by Alex Chiu are believed to allow humans to stay physically young forever or turn humans physically younger, (Our lawyer told us to use the word "believe") as long as you wear the rings or foot braces every night during sleep.



Watch videos of Alex Chiu from 1999 until 2018. Videos cannot lie.

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US PATENT # 5,989,178

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Here is a chart that I made based on my personal experience.
Wear Immortality Devices for 1 day equals to 30 days of healing without the devices.  It heals your body faster than you can age.  That's why you stop aging, and in most cases, reverse aging..
Use Immortality Devices and Gorgeouspil for 1 day equals to 3 months of healing with only the devices.  (no joke)  That's why the shape of your bones can change within a few days.
Use the devices, Gorgeouspil, and also Chi Flush for 1 day equals to 5 days of healing with the devices and Gorgeouspil.  And you get to remove all Chi blockades which the Gorgeouspil cannot do.

How come regular drugs don't work as well as Alex Chiu's Gorgeouspil or Chi Flush?

A regular pill is taken during the day.  And you would move around while the pill takes effect.  When your body is moving, the Chi flow has been distributed to your arms and legs and cannot be used for body healing.   If there is not enough Chi flow, there is little healing.  That's why most healing is done at night during sleep.  Your body doesn't move around, so the Chi energy can focus on healing the body.

If there is no Chi flow for healing, your cells cannot absorb medication.  If your cells do not absorb the pill's medication when your body is moving, most of the medication will be wasted and will be excreted from your body as waste.

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Alex Chiu's Immortality Rings are the most superior medical technology in the world because they amplify your body's Chi flow while you lie down for healing.  The small finger acts as the smallest gear that turns a larger gear.   And that larger gear is your entire body.  You see, the small finger and your entire body are connected.  If the small finger has 1% of energy flow, the body should have 100% of energy flow.  If the small finger has 10% of energy flow, THE ENTIRE BODY WILL HAVE 1000% OF ENERGY FLOW!  Now do you understand your body's gear box?

gears.gif (6572 bytes) The Immortality Rings have amplified your body's Chi flow from 100%  to 1000%.  Now there is lots of Chi energy available for healing.  Your cells start to absorb medication and nutrients like crazy the moment you lie down.  Your body heals itself faster than it can age. This is the biggest technology break-through in this century.

Then you take Gorgeouspil and Chi Flush!  These two are the most advanced technology in the world.  Gorgeouspil stimulates all cells in your body enforcing more healing, and Chi Flush can dissolve all Chi blockades.

Eternal Life Rings

  • What does the inventor guarantee? What does he not guarantee?

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Eternal Life Foot Braces

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Please consult your doctor if you have a heart problem or if you are pregnant before using this device.